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In response to my last blog on horse sales, I got a very interesting e mail form a noted trainer in New England. Here are some of her ideas. She writes that the commission is part of doing business. Every time we buy a bottle of milk, we’re paying the middleman and we don’t complain about that . She thinks that purchasers should want to pay the 10% to an agent who is representing their best interests!  There is also great value in buying from a reputable dealer who is not the owner of the horse. This dealer to whom you may also pay 10% should be someone who you know wouldn’t hide the facts. Good dealers won’t represent a poor horse and won’t misrepresent the weaknesses of a good horse.  Often both parties have earned 10% and the buyer should be pleased to pay it.  My feeling is that trusted dealers can increase your chances of making a good purchase.  Horse dealers earn their living through sales. They spend a lot of time researching the market, and looking at horses. I personally had a very good experience with a dealer in Holland who found a wonderful horse for me, went to the vetting and took care of all the shipping.  It was worth every penny of the commissions I paid.

Illustration by Thelwell.

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