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Image by Thelwell

*Image by Thelwell

One of the smartest things a potential buyer can do is try to get a history on a horse. Of course, it’s easier to get one if you are buying the horse in the US. Many times, the seller will advertise the horse as Second Level when he has never even the inside of a dressage arena. In Europe it is often more difficult to get information on a horse, which is why it is important to have an advocate if you are buying abroad. I know some horror stories of horses which are beautiful but a little “screwy.” This, of course, doesn’t show up until around 30 days after the sale. Here we have websites which list all the scores of a horse. Go to or and type in the horse's name. They will have a complete show history of that horse for USEF recognized competitions. A second option is to get on the phone and ask around. I saved my friend a trip to Ohio by calling a friend out there to get some info on a sale horse. She told me to not bother.
So do your homework, and good luck horse shopping!

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