The Skinny on Fly Hoods

Fly  hoods are the vogue! They come in every color complete with emblems and bling.
The USEF states the fly hoods are permitted in the competition ring and the warm up. They should be “discreet” and should not cover the horses eyes.They are very helpful when the bugs are bad. However, they have become a fashion statement and alot of riders are using them whether there are bugs around or not. Consider carefully before you use one. The hood ties create a line at the point of the throat latch.  If you don’t have a correct top line on your horse, the fly hood can accentuate this lack of connection. If the poll is low, It is more obvious. It can also call attention if the nose is behind the vertical. So make sure that your horse is really through and “on the bit” correctly before you add it to your show attire.

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